Lucid Ink believes in the highest standards of professional endeavour.


Below you’ll find a simple 5-step guide to Lucid Ink’s methodology:

  1. Client: sends brief, seeks info or requests quote
  2. Lucid Ink & Client: clarify the brief or requirement
  3. Lucid Ink: provides suggested route, rationale and cost
  4. Lucid Ink & Client: develop and agree exact route and cost
  5. Lucid Ink: creates content to an agreed schedule and cost

If you choose to employ the expertise on offer, you can rest assured that it will entail the following key qualities:

  • Clarity: an overriding dedication to content that’s easily understood
  • Creativity: the judicious use of imagination and insight
  • Thoroughness: an unstinting commitment to your job and its details
  • Punctuality: the belief that deadlines are sacred
  • Cost-effectiveness: a commitment to value for money